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Speech from the Launch of Oona's Campaign
Written by Oona King   
Friday, 28 May 2010 07:39

Below is the full speech from the launch of Oona's campaign to become Labour's mayoral candidate.

Oona King
Speaking at Haverstock School, 26th May 2010

I’m delighted to be back here in the area I grew up, and at Haverstock, my old school. Today is the beginning of a journey that I hope will take me from Haverstock to City Hall.

But I’d also like to talk a bit about the journey’s you’ll take, and the journey’s you’ll make, in your lives.

If you took a helicopter and flew from Epping forest to the South Downs, from Rainham Marshes to Richmond park, what would you see? You’d see a citadel stretching in every direction, containing fantastic landmarks, a river running through it, and big green parks.

You’d see us: you, me, and our millions of neighbours – every shape, size and colour – injecting energy and vitality.

You’d see the city of London. My city. Your city. Our city. A truly wonderful, great city of the world. And it’s one I wish to be Mayor of.

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Oona King's interview with Gordon Brown
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 16 September 2007 05:31


Part 4 of Oona King's interview with Gordon Brown on his train journey to Manchester.

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Mixed Race, Mixed Blessing?
Written by Oona King   
Friday, 30 April 2010 17:00

Written by Oona King

WHITE supremacy is so last century. These days it’s on-trend to be a mixed-race supremacist. Unlike the BNP, mixed-race people can now point to an assortment of scientifically credible research that claims biological advantages to being mixed race. And that’s not to mention the anecdotal evidence citing young celebrities like Lewis Hamilton, Theo Walcott and Leona Lewis to prove the theory that mixed race people are healthier and prettier. If you spent your childhood being called a mongrel in the playground, the latest batch of research from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology may bring a smile to your face.

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Sterilized Nation
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Wednesday, 12 September 2007 10:09
{enclose sterilized_nation.mp3}
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Adopting abroad
Written by oona   
Friday, 27 October 2006 17:00

Former MP Oona King reveals her own struggle to adopt a foreign baby, and the terrible suffering she witnessed in the Congo 

Published in the Mail on Sunday .

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 September 2007 21:36
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