Let me begin by making one thing very plain: at this point in time, it is the will of the British people to leave the European Union, and therefore negotiations on Brexit must take place.  Once they conclude, and once the shape and meaning of Brexit becomes clear, at that point, it is only fair and democratic that the British people accept or reject the final deal.

The problem is, at the moment we have no idea when that deal will be made, even if it will be made, or what it will include. To borrow a phrase, we know nothing.

The price, and value, of EU membership

Let’s start by inverting Oscar Wilde and asking, like every cynic would, not the value of the EU but the price of the EU.

So how much does it cost us? The EU costs every single person in Britain 37p per day. What do we get in return?
We get peace. You’d think that was quite valuable.

We get access to a Single Market with 500 million consumers (worth £90 billion to Britain annually).

We get freedom of movement.