Entry: "Nightclub misery for Spitalfields residents"

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Late night brawls, condoms littering the streets, and semi-naked revellers making noise in the early hours of the morning – these are just some of the problems Spitalfields’ residents endure as a result of the ‘nightclub’ Protokol on Commercial Street.

Local residents have contacted Oona King MP, who has taken up their case with the Council, and objected to the club’s application to extend business hours.

“A late night club in a residential area is completely inappropriate”, said Oona. “Residents have told me about all the crime and anti-social behaviour that goes with it. I’m supporting their objections to any extension of the club’s hours or activities”.

Residents of Elder Street, a residential area off Commercial Street, are up in arms about the situation. One resident who did not wish to be identified said, “This club seems to get going from midnight. When they close in the early hours of the morning there is brawling. Prostitutes are associated with the club and grafitti has also appeared. It’s disgusting to have used condoms on the pavements. People come out drunk and some are half-dressed. The club should be closed down as lots of families live around here”.

Another resident, Mr Alan Williams, also of Elder Street, described “the fear of undesirables fighting with bouncers spreading into Elder Street”. “The disturbances, cars racing away in the small hours of the morning and hundreds of clubbers spilling on to the streets is wholly inappropriate for a residential area”, he added.

Evidence of problems is currently being gathered by Tower Hamlets Council’s Anti-social Behaviour Control Unit. Anti-social Behaviour Control Unit Manager, Evert Robotham said, “People don’t always realise that anti-social behaviour includes the type of disruption to the lives of residents that can be associated with pubs and clubs. We need information from residents in order to be able to act.”