Entry: "New measures to crack anti-social behaviour"

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The single biggest ever package of measures to tackle anti-social behaviour came in to force last week. Oona King MP called the new measures, “a real boost in the fight against the yobs and criminals”.

The police have been given new powers to immediately close crack houses and get tough on the misuse of air weapons. The Government has also made it easier for Tower Hamlets Council to take out anti-social behaviour orders. Police also now have the power to disperse groups.

Oona has been fighting for more to be done to tackle anti-social behaviour. She held a meeting last July where 150 people got the chance to question the Home Secretary directly. She also got a special debate in Parliament on the issue. Oona is pleased that the Government has taken action to address local concerns in the form of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act.

Oona said, “Now it is up to the police and Council, in partnership with the whole community, to ensure that the laws translate in to real improvements for residents. There are more police in Tower Hamlets than ever before. This combined with the new measures should ensure that anti-social behaviour is reduced”.