Visiting Parliament

A number of constituents contact me trying to obtain access to Parliament. I feel it is important that people are able to come and see the institutions that make our democracy work. The Palace of Westminster is an historical building, as well as being the busy hub of British Democracy.

I will always try my hardest to ensure that constituents can come and see Parliament. I am able to book tours for constituents and local organisations as well as reserving seats in the public gallery. If you are a constituent of Bethnal Green and Bow and would like to come and visit Parlaiment then please call my Westminster office on 0207 2195020. If you are not a constituent of mine then i advise that you contact your local MP.

The majority of requests that we recieve to visit Parliament are for Prime Minister Questions. I am afraid that MPs only get an allocation of two tickets roughly every 6 weeks. Therefore it is very unlikely that i will be able to arrange for constituents to see the Prime Minsiter in action.