Entry: "Visit to Rwanda"

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In October 2002 Oona King led a parliamentary delegation to Rwanda. Oona has been to the region many times, both with the International Development Select Committee and as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Great Lakes Region and Genocide Prevention.

Rwanda has been recovering slowly from the unprecedented trauma of the 1994 genocide, during which 800,000 people were killed in just three months.

Oona established the APPG after a visit in 1998, determined that the UK and the International Community should not allow such a tragedy to happen again.

The trip aimed to offer opportunities for the other politicians to deepen their understanding of Rwanda and the region, and will also enable Oona to catch up with some old friends, and reaffirm her commitment to helping achieve a sustainable peace in the region.

If you wish to obtain or view the report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Great Lakes and Genocide Provention, visit their website on www.appggreatlakes.org or contact Ben Shepherd on 0207 219 1165 / [email protected]