House Music Reviews
Sunday, 16 September 2007

“Although politics is my greatest passion, it is not my only passion. It probably takes up no more than half this book. Those whose interest is purely political (the majority of my political colleagues and political journalists) might be perturbed. Those who have no interest in politics might be deterred. But those who believe the personal is political should be fairly entertained.” Oona King

Praise for House Music

'Racier than Alan Clark, far more front than Alastair Campbell - Oona King delivers the most intimate political diary ever.' - Daily Mail
'Oona's sparkle and vivacity shine through the story she tells. The ups and downs of her life are described with breathtaking honesty and self-effacing humour.' - Glenys Kinnock
“Pacy, perceptive, frank, funny, free of the sludge of most political diaries. This is authentic Oona. It would make a good novel — but people would think it a little far fetched.” - Neil Kinnock

 'This is a tremendous book - funny, revelatory, and above all authentic - about a normal person who tried to make a go of parliament, triumphed unexpectedly, crashed unexpectedly and somehow got out with a life.' - David Hare

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